Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Ah, At last! I've been reading Little Women so long and for no apparent reason. I know it's not a little book but I'm usually a fast reader and I've been reading it for ages. Anyway, I'm done now.

My introduction makes it sound like I didn't like reading the book which isn't true, I was just baffled at the time it was taking me. It really was a very sweet book and I can see why it is such a favourite. You follow the 'little women' from their teenage years into adulthood, through the various trials and troubles they face and how they overcome them with the help of their mother's experience, father's wisdom, friends' comfort and sisters' loyalty. It was very sweet, sometimes humorous or upseting, but overall enjoyable.

When reading this book though, remember the time period, because at times the girls are found near to tears over needing new gloves or not having a silk dress like that of richer friends, but social status was important then. Like I said earlier, the book took me a long time to read. This could be due to the amount of words I had to look up, whether I didn't know them or they were old words and sayings that might take a little puzzling out nowadays. Also, remember the time period when it comes to the ideas and morals put across. I'm sure that at the time Louisa May Alcott's ideas were ideal and proper, but some people might struggle when she explains that a woman's duty is to her home and husband entirely.

This book is very lovely and enjoyable, and I recommend it to all ages: it is specified as a children's book, but I enjoyed it being a teenager and I don't see why adults shouldn't.